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Originally Posted by Ferryman View Post
So, if the government can't guarantee that only the right people get killed, then the government has no business going to war? Because an awful lot of innocents get caught up in that endeavor.

I don't mean to be sarcastic, but isn't that the logical extension of your point as your wrote it?

We fight evil the best we can with tools we have, here and abroad. It's messy, yeah, but we do our best. In war, we work on making our soldiers and our weapons smarter, more precise to reduce collateral damage. Why can't we apply the same principle to the death penalty, working to make it smarter and more precise, rather than just giving up on it?
That's a bit of an argument fallacy to map the two, as they are unrelated. One is regarding justice, and the other for war powers. Conflating the two is only going to toss this thread for a loop. Citizens have protections whereas foreigners do not.

That said, this is something that should be reserved to the States to decide, as the federal government really shouldn't have this power. I believe it's this way now, in which case I'm okay with that. I distrust the government in all areas, and have no reason to magically accept their ways for this issue.

As an aside, if the evidence is clear and the crime is heinous enough, I have no issue with removing someone from life. That's not the same as being pro-DP as it currently stands.
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