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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
As regards the death penalty, what percentage/margin of error would you deem "acceptable"?
I have not decided.

Originally Posted by KidA View Post
War and the death penalty can't possibly be compared in any logical universe.

Yes innocents are killed during war, but that's by "accident", not intent, and if innocents are killed during war and it can be shown it was deliberate or through gross negligence, then those responsible can be tried for crimes.

The death penalty has the potential to take someone completely innocent, not involved whatsoever, and then arrest them, jail them, try them, jail them for decades or longer, and then kill them. To top it off, if they have enough money they can all but buy their way out, and if they don't, oh well.
Why can't they be compared?

They are both methods to deal with enemies.

The intent in both is to harm those who harm. The fact that innocents are ensnared is reality.

The intent for both is to be as precise as possible. It doesn't happen.

People with money can escape war or conscription. Same as with crime.

So are people against capital punishment or just the current system?
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