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Fookin A.... I'm almost as old as dirt.... I'd count how many hits I have, but am afraid I'd get close to all of them... I'm with Magician in that sadly i predate quite a few of them...

Steel pot is an air item...

C123 jumps in jump school

PT in boots with DX fatigues cut off with a name tag below the left front pocket

RIP at North Fort Lewis

M3s and Thompsons in the arms room

Being issued an M21 with AN/PVS-2 night vision

AN/PVS-5 goggles

Prick 74 AM radios and Prick 77 FM radios

Nobody had any radios smaller than a 77

Entire BN ops being conducted with only a few breaks of squelch

Tillicum that still had trailer parks in it

Ranger Joes that actually sold Army surplus

Poncho liner 2 sets of jungles and 4 sets of slant pocket cammies from CIF

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