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Qualifying with the M14 and the M16 in basic

Originally Posted by Longrifle
Ranger Joe's when it was downtown.

Squad radios that snapped on to the side of the steel pot.


Jumping out of a C-119.

WWII vets in the unit.

NCOs bitching about missing the "good ol' days in the brown boot Army."

Corcorans for $18.75. (New!)

Qualifying with the M14 and the M16 in basic.
Going to CIF and receiving no ruck, but getting a cotton pistol belt and "shagetti Straps" with which you attached your "bed roll" (e.g. sleeping bag rolled up in your shelter half) to your H configured cotton suspenders.
Now those were the days.
Nothing too good for the boys.
You folks donít get it. You think you are free men. LOL. But you are actually the drudge, slave, captive, laborer, serf, servant, worker, chattel, help, menial, peon, retainer, skivvy, thrall, toiler, vassal, workhorse, bondservant, subservient, bond slave, captive, laborer, in a system to ensure the comfort and longevity of the elites. There are only two classes, the elite and everyone else. F*ck you.
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