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Ole age makes some of these not so clear anymore,
so some qualifiers.

1- Only Ranger Companies from the 75th and 57th (?)

2- Remember Hay Street where the foot patrols were
a Fayetteville K-9 and a MP K-9, one dog wouldn't do. :D

5- Long sleeve kakhies with tie on off post and in hip
pocket on post

7- M1911A1, M-1, M-2 and M-14. Issued M-16s in
country and familiarized. M-14 when back in the
world and then only pistols after that.

22- Used AN/PRC-10, AN/PRC-25 and AN/PRC-77

23 - Whole unit RVN vets. CIBs with a star weren't
uncommon and there were some with 2 stars

35 - Men were men and girls were WACs, except ANC

43 - Yes

48 - What's Kevlar? :D

49 -- Yes
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