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That list can't be old school. I can say yes to half the list and I'm 40 years young. :D

I've got an old High School JROTC instructor that's still around. According to him you're old school if:

-You served in the 11th Airborne Division.
-You served in a separate Regimental Combat Team.
-You went to jump school at Ft. Campbell and half the class quit.
-You wore brown Corcorans.
-You've jumped a T-7.....from a C-119.
-You had a battlegroup commander.
-You've had M-1 thumb.
-You reported for pay once a month.
-You were on alert to invade Cuba.
-You had a Peace silver dollar sewn under the glider patch on your garrison cap.
-You've actually used a silver dollar loaded garrison cap as a sap in a fight.
-You actually remember saying "Where's Vietnam."

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