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Adjusting your gear; Kydex And other EQ

After Answering a Thread over on Glock Talk, I thought this might make for an informative thread.

I'd been told that there were video's on YouTube to help with this, but when I searched, I found little that actually did what I thought they ought to do, so, I made this video with that in mind.

We all have complaints from time to time with a piece of gear and kydex isn't an exception to that. Often times tightness, or looseness is a matter of taste plain and simple.

For many (most?) SF/SOF types I've personally dealt with Adjusting kits seems to be second nature. For the rest of us, or those of us where performing such tasks isn't second nature, this Video is for you :-)
It's had a tad over 1200 views since last march and several comments from non-customers that appear to be pleased with it's content.

Rock, Paper, Scissors or?

What do you have that you adjusted or regularly do adjust?

Any tried and true methods?

Share Your Tricks and Discuss.
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