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Ironman on NBC

This Saturday, 13 December, NBC will broadcast the 2008 Ford Ironman
Triathlon World Championship.

- 90 minute show begins at 2:30 pm EST (11:30 am on the West Coast).

- Features Navy SEALs CDR Keith Davids (CO SEAL Team ONE) and Petty
Officer David Goggins (Naval Special Warfare Center) who parachute into
the waters off Kona, Hawaii to begin their race.

- NSW's LCDR Damon Dixon returns to Kona on the Navy Triathlon Team.

- NSW Group ONE's SOC Marty Taylor completes his second Ironman of 2008.

Please encourage your friends to tune in for Saturday's Ironman
coverage. For more information on the SEALs competing in this year's
World Championship Triathlon go to:

To learn more about a host of Navy athletes competing in Kona and
elsewhere go to: <file://>
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