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Exclamation Need Cleared Pilots: Challenger 605/650s, SECRET and up, $150-160K, OCO Travel.

"SB Approved"**
1. Pilots that are Challenger 65 certified which will cover the Challenger 605 and Challenger 650 model

2. Want and are willing to fly missions in Oconus locations

3. Must have a min of secret clearance. TS and or TS/SCI would be great.

4. Must be able to work up to 5 days a week rotating hours

5. Former Military/Intel Comm preferred (US or FVEY). Rating in a second language desired.

Resume must have photo, height, weight, clearance adjudication date, total flight hours per platform, number of countries/# of hours of flight per country.

Resumes to Nilda at
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