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Guys, Thank You for your kind words and assistance, reading your words literally sent chills through my body.

Originally Posted by HighDragLowSpeed View Post
There was some mention of a reunion in 2013 in this thread along with an email: I don't know if this is you.

I had not seen this webpage before, thank you I have bookmarked it for follow-up

There is also a webpage with many crash details, photos of the crash site, and a forum in which family members and friends have commented. If you haven't found it yet, a quick Google search will.

I have seen that website and have spoken to the author Dave T. and have also located and been in contact with the BN medical officer

I immediately cut out the article and still normally have a paper copy with me even when I travel. I'm in a hotel now and just took a photo of the article for you.

That is awesome that you carry that article with you.
Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
Have you reached out to the SF Association? I have not, yet.PM me your contact info, PM Enroute
Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post
Every year or so the 5th SFG(A) has a reunion. I can put you in touch with the guys from the Special Forces Association in Clarksville that aid in organizing it. This is where the memorial is and an appropriate place for your efforts.
Contact info inbound via PM

Originally Posted by Always Jolly View Post
No doubt you're familiar with the accident investigation and the legal issues that followed, but if there's anything I can do to help just ask.
I have access to the original crash report as well as the private report that was conducted prior to the legal issues. From my understanding, the families were required to sign statements of non-disclosure after they accepted a settlement from Sikorsky.

Again, to those of you who have replied, Thank You! I expect the path to accomplish my goals for this will be long and often difficult. But I will not quit...

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