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The only thing I can add with all that power and explosiveness, is there needs to be a check and balance system in place.

Yes at 13 hell even at the age of 30 its a hard pill to swallow but stretching and not just your typical 5 min cool down stretch I mean real flexibility will go a long way on the stress on the skeletal and muscle system he is placing on himself.

I think someone mentioned Yoga and I STRONGLY agree with that. To have the ability to break up scar tissue and bring in new blood to repair the stress done on his muscular system is key. He will be stronger, faster, lighter, and less prone to injury.

Hell I can barely touch my toes and it use to be funny once upon a time but now its just sad. And now at the age of 30 I am going back to learn how to build flexibility to fight off arthritis,cartilage wear and tear from all the years of abuse and not taking the time to stay fluid and working on ligaments in a none stressful manner to save its longevity.

Last tip I also encourage a deep tissue massage once a week or so either done by a family member or professional bought. If nothing else buy the kid a damn foam roller and make it just as important as his hard work outs. Anything to break up scar tissue and break up fibers to release new blood to the muscle so it can become stronger. If not several years down the road he will be walking around all locked up with an ass load of muscle injuries (tendinitis being the main culprit)
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