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Also, I firmly believe in functional fitness and avoiding bodybuilding style workouts. Keep it compound, and train the body as a unit- not individual body parts. You can split it into upper body days/ lower body days but never should you train "shoulders" or "arms" "chest" individually as that is not how the body functions.
Never? I believe in a more holistic training approach, but this old wives tales need to be put to bed. If you have compound exercises as the basis of your training, you can split the body into any groupings you want and still be "functional". His function is to play football or whatever sport he's involved in. Practice keeps him functionable in that sport.

Additionally, never ignores the fact that most people are going to have natural imbalances or more dominate areas and focusing on one area can help dramatically improve it and reduce the chances of injury.

As to the original topic, I suggest that every athlete should invest some serious time into sprints.
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