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Originally Posted by Paperpusher View Post
Perhaps I would be more interested in the ". . . I saw and learned some things . . ." if something specific were offered. In the context of these presentations being made on tv that are somewhat (or more) biased, I might be able to know whether what you learned was fact or whether you might have been conned. My wife sent me two newspaper clippings while I was at Long Binh in '68. One was titled something to the effect that "Long Binh [was] Shaken by Rocket Attack." It scared her. I explained that there were about a dozen 122mm rockets launched toward Long Binh, one of which impacted (harmlessly) inside the wire and all the rest landed outside the perimeter wire. This happened quite a distance from where I was and easily understood if you know that Long Binh/Bien Hoa complex was something along the order of 3 miles E-W and about 5 miles in an arc N-S. I assure you that Long Binh was not shaken by it. It was a combat zone. Artillery fire, periodic B52 runs, incoming/outgoing choppers, small arms fire, automatic weapons fire, all of it went on around the clock. I had to ask around to confirm the 122mm rockets. The other article concerned a bridge that was on Highway 1 between Long Binh and Saigon. The title was something like "Bridge Overrun by Sappers." It was almost accurate. Roughly six sappers ran across the bridge before all of them were shot and killed. I think it was US troops that shot them all, but I can't recall any more. I can speak specifically to those two newspaper articles and show the disgusting and persistent anti-American culture in "news" organizations. It was everywhere.
Undoubtedly that happens. I am in full agreement with you on that point. But, it's incumbent upon the reader, listener, or viewer to do their independent study to determine the veracity of the information they are taking into their brain housing group. If they take anything as gospel on its face value then it's on them if they are fooled or guided by it.

And, I am sincerely sorry that your wife -- and more than likely, many others -- had to deal with that type of bad press. I simply wish we had a press that just "reported" what happened rather than feel they need to editorialize everything.
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