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Originally Posted by swamppirate View Post
Let the Air Force continue to be the CAS experts...Army you can stay artillery experts... We have a hard enough time lining up air to stay current... how in the world would "big green" army ever manage to get enough air with the horde of JFO's they want? Don't get me wrong the JFO is a good thing to have around but there were too many of them running around in Iraq thinking they were JTAC's......regards
Really inteeresting since we make it very clear to them that they are most definately not JTACs.

FOr you information a FISTER is a Fire Support Specilaist this means he specialises from everything from CAS, AVN, Artillary and Naval gun fire.

Fister since the start of the war in Afghanistan have been traditionally doing talk on with CAS assets as 9 time out of ten there is no JTAC anywhere near their operation. THe FM radio wont reach to the other side of the mountain so unless the pilot is relaying to the JTAC at the BN TOC or the JTACS have super human powers and can use mind melds to hear the CAS talk on. the Person clearing those fires hot is going to be the FAC-A cert Pilot in the bird or the regular pilot is going to have to make the choice on his own.

regardless of who is there it is the ground forces commader who assumes responsibility for the bombs in bound hence why pilots, JFOs and JTACS will ask for Initials and last 4 of said GFC. Now granted the Pilot can deside he is uncomfortable and has full authority to abort his run, but this comes down to how well the FISTER has been trained. I have even heard pilots belay a JTACs run as well

Most JTACs prior to the JFO program realised that they are unable to be 12 places at once and would usually help by instructing the FSNCOs and FSO they work with in the TOC who in turn pass this training down to their soldeirs. That is at least the ones I jave been lucky to work with at two DIV. 82nd and 10th

This allowed the bright JTAC to extend his capabilitites and know when the radio call came in he could feel comfortable with the targeting data he was getting from the troopers on the ground in a TIC.

Now days your lucky if you have the same JTAC longer then 6 months as their rotations don't line up with ours so the need of a Highly trained soldier in Air to ground tactics became nessary hence the JFO program.

JTACS are the best at what they do but the FISTER prides himself at being as good as he can in handling all fire support assets. We will gladly come up on the hill to train with you but how many of you come down too our lowly OP and train with us god knows I offered time and time again to cross train our JTACS on Arty and only the best take us up on the offer.

Nothing is a bigger rush than being a loan FO in a plt with 60, and 81 mm Mortars and set of 105mm howitzers, 2 AH-64, couple of A-10 and some B-1s at your disposal during a big fight and coordinating and deconflicting all of those assets inside your little postage stamp on a map in Afghanistan. There are many of us who know exactly what I am talking about. I wish I could intraduce you to SFC Monti as he was the best example of our best but he died trying to save a fellow soldiers life while talking on CAS assets to target alas he was a fister. I learned more from him as a young COLT the month he OCed me at JRTC then I ever learned any where else

Dont down play down Fister because you will never hear one of us play down you. fire supporters in all services are the red head step children of their units and our respect is earned.

Arty only loves us when where cutting their grass
Infantry on loves us when we are saving their A##
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