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Originally Posted by VMI_Marine View Post
Amen. We're facing the strong possibility that we will not get any JFO seats, so I'm focusing on ways to train 0861s and 0311s on terminal guidance skills.
The Marine CORPs is currently precurring contractors to facilitate opening another school. Though this is not a quick fix look forward to more slots availible for you FOs and ANGLICOS soon.

We have actually been working very closely with your JFO and JTAC school in Virginia as yours is very well run and we wanted to snag your guys great ideas for training and use them here on bragg. your School is on point and the Army has a lot we can learn from them.

I am pretty sure they are prioritizing slots based off FO and ANGLICO positions which might be slowing down your INF guys from getting slots.

But don't quote me on that. :)
Craobh Ruadh
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