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Isn't that a conversation starter.

(meeting a pretty woman with pretty cocker spaniel)
Hello, blablabla, blebleble, what a beautiful spaniel!
Pretty woman: Thanks, what's that? Isn't that some sort of a herding dog?
Me: Yes, its Bouvier des Flandres. One of these dogs suppsoedly bit one of Hitler's balls off when he was in France during WWI.
Pretty woman: You creep!

(alternative version)
Pretty woman: That's so hot! Me so horny!
(happy ending)

When Hitler invaded France he reportedly tried to wage a personal holocaust against this breed which was supposed to be forever erased. This entire story is totally anecdotal (including an alternative version where he wanted to have Bouviers as guard dogs and one bit him in the hand during presentation).

I personally never heard about a Pitbull trying to bite someone's genitalia off, but I'm not that skewed to go and search for such info....Never mind. Found some.