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no growling or nothing, just pure chomp
When dog is serious at going at you, some of them will not growl or show teeth. When shit hits the fan, most animals don't waste energy on threat displays. They intend to show you what they mean.

In nature, everything is calculated. If a dog is putting up a show, it basically spends some of its energy for the sake of posturing so it can escape or avoid spending more, or even losing its life, if rubber starts meeting the road.

Whenever I had a run-in with a problematic dog, I always backed off. Hands close to body, never turning back, never running. I managed to put several dogs in place by simply looking them in the eye, but I also met dogs that DGAF about that. So I usually try to appear disinterested and totally harmless. And I actually managed to get out of these situations without escalation.

But I was also attacked by dogs four times. From my experience, if you're faced with an attacking dog you can skip its head as a target altogether unless you have something like a baseball bat or steel rod and you are sure you will not miss. Dog's head evolved as a weapon and it is capable of surviving lots of punishment. Chest is fine if you have something to stab the attacking dog with, otherwise you will keep busting your knuckles against its ribs. Good luck with snapping the neck of an attacking pitbull or amstaff with all these muscles. Its belly and groin are where the softness lies and two times out of four I succeded in making dog dial down by kicking it in the stomach/groin area. Neither of them was a pitbull, BTW.

I've read or heard lots of tough stories about fighting and winning against an attacking dog but once it gets a grip on you it might be very bloody and possibly fatal. So for me the crucial issue is not allowing the attacking dog to get into physical contact with you. There are no sure ways of disabling an attacking dog (unless you have a gun and you won't miss). Also, some dogs get enough adrenaline in their system to never stop untill they're dead.