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Originally Posted by squiretoad View Post
Ditto. I was fortunate to serve with him in Recon Company, CCC. Hell of a man, and a real tough example to follow. If you see the pictures (in Plaster's book and all over the Internet) of him carrying a wounded NVA POW, that's me in the funny hat following him (in full BRIGHT LIGHT gear) as bodyguard :-) My pictures too: gave my 35mm to a buddy to photograph the team's return since I knew I'd have my hands full.

My greatest regret is not complying with Wolcoff's suggestion / invitation to come to the funeral in Arlington. I was busy / poor / old car, just didn't think it would work out. I'm sorry about that now.
The few times I have been to Arlington, I always go by and pay my respects. Its never too late.
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