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Originally Posted by IronCross View Post
ST teams anyone..?
USAF Special Tactics Squadrons (STS) has PJs, CCTs, TACPs, and SOWT AFSCs at various units. Not all STS units will have ALL those AFSCs under one roof. Seeing as each AFSC has different entrance PAST criteria, there are different standards (Battlefield Airmen) depicted on the current PAST performance sheet. In fact, there are standards for PJ/CCT/TACP/SOWT/SERE/EOD all on one handy evaluation document.

*Currently these are the only BA AFSCs in the USAF:

The BA initiative encompasses the following specific Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC); Combat Rescue Officers (CRO, 13DXA), Special Tactics Officers (STO, 13DXB), Pararescue Airmen (PJ, 1T2X1), Combat Control Airmen (CCT, 1C2X1), Tactical Air Control Personnel (TACP/ASOC, 1C4X1), Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) Airmen (1W0X1)/Officers (15WX) and Battlefield Weather Airmen (1W0X1)/Officers (15WX). Collectively, BA assist and enable the following mission areas:

2.1. Battlefield Airmen Mission Areas: 2.1.1. Joint Fires Integration
2.1.2. Tactical Airlift Operations 2.1.3. Special Operations
2.1.4. Weather Support Operations
2.1.5. Personnel Recovery/Recovery Operations



2.2. More specifically, BA provide or enable the following specialized capabilities: 2.2.1. Reconnaissance and Surveillance
2.2.2. Weather Operations
2.2.3. Airfield Surveys and Assessments
2.2.4. Effects Assessment
2.2.5. Navigation and Positioning
2.2.6. Command and Control (C2) Battle Management
2.2.7. Air Traffic Control and Assault Zone Marking
2.2.8. Terminal Attack Control
2.2.9. Time-Sensitive Weaponeering/Targeting
2.2.10. Personnel Recovery (Combat Search and Rescue and Isolated Personnel Repatriation) 2.2.11. Field Trauma Care
2.2.12. Information Operations
2.2.13. Operational Preparation of the Battlespace
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