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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
Best time in Ranger School? Getting on the Pogey Bird in Florida Phase.

Was a very happy day, when waiting one day for Rotar Wings to pick us up for a infil, that instead of Blackhawks coming into land, we saw the Orange Door Hueys. (funny watching them come in, as couple ddi not have the softest touchdowns)

Will the rumors and stories be true?

I am watching the first group get on their bird, and one of the guys holds up a bucket of KFC!!!! Yes, the rumors are true!

So we get on our bird, and it was pure heaven.

First the crew chief passes out peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and cold cans of Coke from a cooler. Then a big bag of Potato chips get passed around. Then we are each handed a Hershey's chocolate bar.

Still have found memories of that flight!
And then we shit all over said UH-1H......
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