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Originally Posted by litepath View Post
Western Medicine specializes in that very thing-> MTN's Via Molehills.

I wouldn't dare tell my inner most thoughts to a "health professional". No way, no how.
I would go see them to help me on a given issue if I had need. I've done so before, and they simply helped me see the forest while looking at trees. Which is what they do well.

But that is not the issue here. The issue is the mental health of those that have issues and do not seek care. And they are legion.
For the most part, I think most MH issues begin early and at home while still being parented (or not parented) while in childhood development.

And I think many MH issues are nurtured with a side of genetics.

No one is going to reach these people. And they aren't going to reach out either. They'll 'off' themselves, or others and there isn't much that can be done about it.
Your post.

Same here as far as myself. I go every 90 days. I warned don't want to go too far inside my head. Do I tell everything to the doc? Fuuuuuuccccck No. Why = Privacy concerns. Already been addressed.

Son of a Bitch don't even look me in the fucking eye. That irks the shit out of me. I bet he couldn't pick me out of a lineup.

I agree on the genetic part of it. I've seen it myself on the spouse unit's side of the family.

There is no big government fix to it nor should be. But I bet one is coming.

My favorite and best counselor is my dog. She listens to all my problems and gives me the best advice. She looks me in the eye too.
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