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Enflied & others,

Everyone has heard and read on these forums the negatives of being an officer, they are stressed more then the positives. Less time in the field, away from the troops, many of them end up being paper pushers most of their careers... sure it's more money and authority but for most enlisted people I have spoken to (including neary all of them these forums) they seem to not like quite a few of the officers they deal with or at least would not want to do their jobs.

This is the impression I have gotten. Some officers are good, some are not so good, but you can't do all the interesting high speed stuff as an officer. More time in the office, less time in the field. It's more money, but there seems to be a general mistrust of the really junior officers when it comes to combat leading. I believe garett said over on the Delta forums that the only this worse then a 2LT. with a map is a 2LT. with a radio. The more senior officers, Major and above tend to be looked down upon as well because they are too far removed from the men they command. Then there is the career management people always trying to push you from one job to the next, moving constantly up the ladder. Being stationary as an officer is like a crime. If you have a good command you don't have it for very long because the establishment is always trying to push you upwards. Then there is the idea of RMC and becomming a ring knocker. From my very limited point of view, these officers tend to be less respected simply because they went to RMC. Look at the book The Sharp End, that point of view is taken. Maybe it's because RMC is seen as necessary for promotion and career advancement and officers concerned with this stuff tend to lose prespective and ignore the welfare of their soldiers, or at least put it below their own. Maybe it's something they do to you at RMC, I think the same kind of attitude is taken in America with grads of West Point or the Naval Academy.

When people complain about lax standards officers are always to blame. Enfield, you recently mentioned that Canada still has a good core of NCO's to train the lower NCM's. This is the attitude everone seems to take. No "hard core" officers are ever mentioned.

These are the impressions I have of officers, right or wrong.
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