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Enfield, thank you VERY much for the intel. Like I said, I wanna be able to walk into the recruiter's office having at least an idea of WTF, and your info has helped clear some things up.
About JTF-2: If what you said is right, then maybe guys who want the para course should just try to join JTF. I'm sure they would make sure you got para-qual'd. But that kinda like buying a box of cereal to get the prize. (Sorry, bad analogy, I know.)
But seriously, I know you guys have said it's damn nigh impossible for a guy in the Reserve to even try to get a slot in Selection, but if someone were to want to try to get to Selection anyway, what would your Regimental higher-ups look for in a soldier? Psychologically, performance, and physical wise? Any minimum grade or TIS?
Again, any info would be greatly appreciated.
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