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Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike View Post
At least in my area, the late 90's early 00's Boxster's are excellent deals for a fun toy car. You need to replace the IMS bearing, a known and fatal problem, but for 10k'ish for a used S model, it's worth it.

Another great YT car channel is 19bozzy92. Pro-photog who does car stuff.

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You can pick up a Boxster for $10k just about anywhere. As for the IMS issues, typically if they are going to grenade they do it early, but it should still be fixed. There is also an issue with the cooling lines that need to be pinned (911ís anyways). The Boxster would be a great little autocross car, except for the fact that while dependable, when something breaks the parts are still coming from Stuttgart

I drive the shit out of my GT3, like itís supposed to be driven. However, just had the intermediate service done this week

Now I need something thatís a tad cheaper to maintain, ergo 964.
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