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Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike View Post
At least in my area, the late 90's early 00's Boxster's are excellent deals for a fun toy car. You need to replace the IMS bearing, a known and fatal problem, but for 10k'ish for a used S model, it's worth it.

Another great YT car channel is 19bozzy92. Pro-photog who does car stuff.

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Full on Fuck ton of cars showing up at auction right now from the flood zones of Dallas/Fl. #2017hurricaneflooding
Salvage title, but real-deals for those wanting to simply have a car to build on the cheap. Teslas, Porsche, Lambo's. . .Mustangs. All of 'em. Or good place to maybe find a LS/? type motor to build off of complete with wiring, sell the rest.

IMS. . .Did you see why they used that thing? I could hardly believe it when I finally found some diagrams showing what that was about. Still can hardly believe it.

About the time that IMS starts tap-tap-tappin, I'd be looking at a turbo-Subaru retrofit And drive on.
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