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When the student flown Hueys flew in like a wobbly gaggle for our Eglin pickup... I was RTO for the company/class sized patrol's Student PL. I sat in the open door of the very last bird (the only steady one and flown by an Instructor Pilot). Our accompanying RI watched us like a hawk. Finally, he deliberately gazed out at the horizon while the grinning Crew Chief gave us each one small Snickers bar.

Evidently, on the other birds, folks gorged on a lot of much better chow. Not on mine.

Not much food-wise, but I was still in heaven. Finally riding, not walking. Wet feet & blisters drying out in the slipstream. And the sweet taste of that candy bar. I had always hated Snickers up until that point. Have rarely eaten one since. But they have always brought back memories of one sunny morning flying over Florida...

On the last day of Florida, as we paddled across Santa Rosa Sound, we passed within arms length of an anchored and very large & expensive Sea Ray ski boat. One young dude on board with three bikini clad babes. They were drinking frosty bottles of ice cold beer and nibbling on humongous sub sandwiches & chips, while throwing generally hilarious comments our way. Kind of the conversation you might hear if you were a caged zoo animal getting oggled by drunken sorority sisters.

Naturally, we all looked and smelled our very best (soaked in salt water, swamp crud, mud, salt sweat, flies, and days worth of facial camo stick).

As we paddled abreast of their boat (within touching distance), some wag muttered that we should board them, kill everyone, and eat the food. Seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. Some guys started to draw K-Bars. The RI in our rubber boat cut that FRAGO off at the bud. "Look Straight Ahead Rangers! Give Way Together!". We did. Oh well. Our dreams of a pirate feast receded in our pitiful wake.

The remarkable thing was how little anyone cared about those hotties. Only about the food. Just those sammiches...

No Super Supper for my class up in Dahlonega either. Don't know whatever happened with that. Just a regular meal instead. I never liked imaginary fuckin' blueberry pancakes anyway.

I can't remember what I had to eat yesterday, but I can remember the details of meals from 41 years ago. Go figure...
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