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I don't know if it's because I'm running uphill in my neighborhood...but everyone's run time is minutes faster than mine. Now I'm not the best runner. But I'd like to think that I'm fairly fit when it comes to cardio work outs. Where are you guys running? A track? A neighborhood?

Whatever it is...All of these times are motivating me to drop my run time as much as possible, starting now.
Okay, so I went out and did a PFT. (With what I could remember when I was in the DEP for the USMC...Which was four years ago.)

I did a lot worse then I thought I was going to do.

Pull ups - 21
Crunches - 62 (within two minutes0
1.5 mile - 14:58...

So I know what I should be working on...Core strength and cardio work outs. Big time.

Do you guys sprint the whole run? I was going about twice as fast as my usual jogging speed, and those were my results. I'm glad I did this though. Definitely put me in my spot and shows that I really need to step my game up. I haven't run at that speed in a long time.

I met up with my dinner at the end of the run. That was a fun little surprise.
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