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Originally Posted by P38 View Post
As a result of this post I ended up buying a pair a Randolph 'Sportsman' sunglasses three years ago. Aside from regular daily wear they've survived two backpacking trips and and week long canoe trip last summer without breaking, bending or having a lens pop out. They're a really well built product.

I took them in to my regular eyeglass store to have the original lenses replaced with my prescription and the ladies there were surprised by several things: 1. They were actually made in the U.S. 2. They had real 23K gold plating (they didn't believe the stamping and had to see that on the website themselves), 3. The sweat bar was actually functional and not just decorative, and 4. How little I paid for them.

I actually bought mine through an Amazon seller. Now I see that I can just buy the frames without the lenses directly from Randolph so that would be my choice whenever it comes time to replace these. I've been a Ray Ban person since 1981, but they just didn't seem to hold up well anymore. Randolph is a far better and less expensive choice.
I just received my Randolph Concorde Gun Metal Polarized sunglasses today. They are outstanding. Reminds me of the shades my Dad used to wear back in the day.

The feel and quality of these glasses is apparent the second you hold them. Such a stark contrast to all the other glasses out there. Very happy with these. Thanks for the tip.
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