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Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post

I asked him why he thought he was eligible, he stated it didn't matter what he thought, it mattered what the government thinks.

Sleep Apnea is a big thing, my counselor asked me if I snored and if so to take the sleep test. That's where I drew the line.
Herein lies the difference my friend.

If you look at the two partial quotes from your post, you will notice that there is a fundamental difference in thinking.

One of entitlement vs one of integrity.

You want nothing more than what you have rightfully earned, the other guy wants whatever he can get, regardless of whether he earned it or not.

It is a generational issue of veteran perception. Specifically; "You owe me for my service" vs "I chose to serve and appreciate the help."

I take issue with someone who abuses the system for their own benefit "just because they can." I also take issue with the system that encourages this type of behavior, especially at the expense of others.
The VA is not IMHO "Welfare for Veterans" and the race to document diagnosis' in order to be rewarded with a check is bothersome at best.

I actually had a (support) guy in clinic last week who wanted it documented that he "was getting older." Why? because one of his buddies got an extra 10% last month, from the VA, for "having it documented that he felt like he was old in his records".


Very frustrating.
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