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I was looking at the process last summer and have the packet. It says clearly that you cannot assess on AD as an 18F. You must assess into your original MOS. As for rank and what not that is up to HRC (?) when you return to AD before you get to Bragg.

A little birdie who would sit in as a board member told me that most NG guys do not have a problem assess into AD. IIRC in his time sitting on the boards they told one former AD guy to kick rocks. I don't have the current MOS phase info but it is dependent on the committee. Of course the 18B course was having everyone go through again... I'll never know why 18B's have to be such assholes.

To dove tail with that, the board can give what you want. Saaaay like you want to go to X SFG and get the 18F course before you PCS there. In the end it's SWC and I'd feel more comfortable playing the lottery in Nigeria...
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