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Security Clearance Question

Usually people ask about the timelines involved in receiving a clearance (I'll provide my own exp. at the bottom) but this is a different question.

I have been employed with a company stateside for going on three years. It was never intended to be permanent as there is no promotional potential and the work itself is fairly rudimentary. There is a very high turnover rate of employees at this company. The pay is very decent when compared to the work that's required of you, so it's not all bad. However, management is incredibly toxic and disparaging of its employees and I will leave it at that. I was told verbally that I was going to be put in for the DoS TS and wasn't sent the Eqip information for about 8 months. From the time I submitted my Eqip to the time my company notified me that it was granted was 18 months. During that time I wanted to submit my two weeks notice on many occasions for many reasons but didn't because of the ongoing investigation. Fast Forward to one week ago, I was notified it was granted and 3 days ago, I put in my notice. I sent a "security clearance checklist" to another company which I'm guessing verified the clearance with their FSO or security specialist prior to moving forward with recruitment. Everything checked out. Yesterday a coworker alerted me that management was upset at my notice and the exact quote from the manager to another coworker was "his clearance is in limbo and we don't know what we will do with it, we still can cancel it" (note mgmt hasn't even responded to my formal notice).

My question, is this possible? Can management request to revoke your security clearance or cancel it without cause just because you're quitting? I'm assuming it was fully granted, could I be wrong? I'm not depending on the clearance for further employment but it would be nice to have and obviously gives me more options. I understand this practice is frowned upon and I will take the roasting I might receive on the matter.

DoS TS Clearance timeline:
Eqip Submitted 05/2016
Interview with Investigator: 04/2017
Clearance Granted or Investigation Completed: end of 09/2017-10/2017
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