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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post
Someone school me on 9mm 1911 variants..

I've owned several make/models of the 1911 over the years (maybe a dozen different pistols).. everything from an old WWII era government model made by singer sewing machine, to Springfield TRP's, to my current Kimber Ultra Carry CDP II... all have been .45 ACP's though..

I just came into possession of a Kimber CDP II in 9mm today..

Online reviews seem good to great on the 9mm.. and I really like my CDP II in .45.. never had a single problem out of it...

Just wondering if there is anything noticeably different (outside of the obvious smaller holes, lighter recoil, etc).. Are the 9mm's generally just as reliable? are they picky eaters (my .45 CDP will eat anything I feed it)? etc..etc..
Get some Wilson Combat ETM mags for it. IMO humble opinion most of the issues with 9mm 1911s from quality manufacturers are mag issues. Then play with it and figure out what bullet designs it is good with (might be good with everything, but some need rounds with a good ogive). I avoid +P 9mm with 1911s (as slide velocity can be an issue to start with, no need to increase it even more).
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