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Originally Posted by hawkdrver View Post
Ran a couple of boxes through the Sig earlier at the range. I haven't shot it as much as I probably should since it's a unit commemorative but I'm starting to rethink that. The more I shoot it the more I like it.

On a related note, struck up a conversation with a guy the next table over during a cease fire. He had not one but two Ed Browns, both obviously well loved and had spent a lot of time as EDC guns. First time I had actually seen one up close, those are some seriously nice guns.

Glad it shoots nice, I buy guns to shoot not to look at. Have got dirty looks running a P7 or SPAS-12 hard at the range. I get the those are rare blah,blah.
The most evil look I ever got was using one of LPs holsters with a Wilson. Dude was like "You're putting that gun into plastic?" Me "I buy workhorses not show horses. Could care less about wear on the finish."
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