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Originally Posted by bugeater View Post
So we originally ran the Tactix and it was pretty nice. We ran quite a few HAHO courses with it and the altimeter was spot on. We had some issues with them dying and not being able to update or stay on without being on the charger (expensive paperweight). We upgraded to the Bravo and we love them. You can very accurately run your entire HAHO off them, then hit the ground running. Battery life is great and they charge really fast. Having the little alert if itís connected to your phone about texts and calls is really convenient as well, Iím a huge fan.
Tracking runs, swims, etc itís done really well for me, Iíve ever used the golf function though. Good luck!
This is just very cool. When I went to HALO School we had altimeters, compasses. Like a damn race car cockpit. Now its all on one doo-hickey.

I am still learning to use mine but it tracks workouts (It thought I went on a bike ride when I delivered hay in my tractor) calories etc. The best is the way it tracks my sleep. It even knows when I get up to pee. I am looking for the navigation app next.
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