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Few things. Assume you're talking MSA. First, the -V has zero correlation to performance in the field. Talking to locals may actually make things worse because their local dirka is going to tune your ear differently than what the test requires.

Second, you need to have a mental model for the utter academic pedantry of that test by getting your hands on a practice English DLPT V and the corresponding answers. Once you take a look at that, it'll click as far as "oh, that's what the nerds who wrote this test are looking for." This will make all the difference between a 2+ and your coveted 3.

Third, find a show on Al Jazeera that contains punditry on current news, preferably with multiple talking heads and a host. Regular BBC news is at a solid 2 level. You need to attune your ear to opinions, inference, defending POVs etc. Same with reading - find something similar to the Economist and start reading every article you can. Helps to find a periodical that also has an English version so you can check yourself. When the show / article you're looking at stretches the limits of your attention / vocabulary, then you know you're doing it right.

Fourth, per OPI. If it's MSA - who gives a fuck about your score as long as you pass. So you are shooting for two things - consistent grammatical control and the ability to maneuver through various topics with equal command of vocabulary. Find listening material that is square in 2 territory and practice saying it out loud. Repeatedly. Then come up with your own topics. Forget trying to go for a 3 for the OPI, it's a waste of resources.

Finally, BPT shitcan everything you've learned and start over when you hit the ground with host nation. Not sure what your job is but if it necessitates interacting with locals downrange, you better eat some humble pie and attempt to learn the dialect as quick as you can. Speaking MSA on the street pegs you as a school-trained pedant, which may or may not behoove you.

Source: Dude who grudgingly maintained 3s for the $$$ despite MSA being utterly useless.

Good luck.
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