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Enlisted under the 18X program in April ‘91, ten days prior to shipping out from MEPS, then did SFAS in May ‘91.

There were about 40 of us 18Xs. We did a 2 week pre SFAS at the old Recondo camp, run by a team from Utah’s 19th Group. I think out of that group of 40, around 6-7 of us made it all the way through the Q Course.

I think the recruiters at Meps were really pushing the 18X program on prior service, and many did not really know what they were getting into or just liked the idea of being a Green Beret but not rucking for countless hours.

Finished SFAS then was sent to 18th Airborne Corps PLDC, then spent two months with the commo shop/radio detail at Camp Rowe until the 18C course started. Good times.
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