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I followed the link in your post LP to this video:

After 15 yrs in K9 I find that "handler" (I use that term VERY loosely) has some sub par skillsets, the dog is need of some controlled aggression remedial training.

At approximately the 9:00 mark if you watch the K9 handlers body cam you will see the K9 turn & latch onto the handler. The handler is giving the K9 the "fooey" command. Telling the K9 NO, as in let the fuck go of my arm. That dog is an ass eater as we'd say.

Police patrol K9s are not trained to go for the neck or head, it can happen though. Often if there isn't another area readily accessible. The dude that got bit had other options for the K9 from what I could see (arm chair QB'n from multiple video angles)

I foresee a very substantial settlement for the dude who was bitten, as well as a very definitive change in training requirements for the K9 unit.

Additionally I don't know the dept. SOP on K9 utilization, but for me K9 wasn't needed in what I watched. Just my .02 & I'm just a dog guy watching a youtube video, so YMMV
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