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I've known Pat (The Chief) for a very long time, he's a good man and respected. I'm confident a legit investigation will be conducted and he will let the cards fall where they may, nothing swept under the rug for him.

From a non-K9 handler perspective, but some knowledge. What I do see, the officers have the arms and hands occupied of the suspect and his legs are still near or on the moped. Being as those are the primary targets for apprehension, maybe the dog was thinking "well dad and his friends are close to where I would normally go...all that's left is the head and neck area.."

Obviously speculation on my part, but while working patrol...I've seen close to 100 bites, all where in arms and legs.

There were also times where we taser'd people in very similar situations prior to deploying a dog. We used #'s and distractions to our advantage with physical force and tasers before cutting the dog loose on a stationary suspect (unarmed).
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