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Originally Posted by MilkBoneSkivies View Post
Zamir, while I donít know the chief or have had any interaction with that agency; I do know dog work & extensively so.
That (or any K9) doesnít ďthinkĒ oh it looks like daddy has the space occupied I normally bite so Iíll bite X Y or Z location.

That K9 is an asshole on the bite and itís evidenced by the time stamp of the handlers body cam. Iím not trying to get into a pissing contest w/you but the proof is in the video & itís gonna put some sacks in the wringer.

Liability w/K9 is a real concern & the onus falls on the training or lack thereof. Working a patrol dog on the street has to be controlled & that instance witnessed in the video is not.
No piss'n match here...I don't disagree with what your are saying. I'm more than aware of the training liability, failure to train liability and or negligent type of training. As a former Assistant Chief, I dealt with UOF law suits (and the threat of) and have on this very topic of a dog bite.
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