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Originally Posted by Steve40th View Post
On a side note, did the term seizure come from Caesar? He apparently did have them.
No, but Kaiser and Czar did. And Kaiser is how Caesar was pronounced back then.

Alexander also had seizures, as did Kublai Khan’s son, the Crown Prince Zhenjin. Kublai had ordered the immediate death of anyone outside immediate family who witnessed the prince having a seizure, as it was thought to indicate a weakness. Marco Polo became a close friend of the the prince and witnessed a seizure. He came close to being executed, but he managed to convince Kublai that since the great Alexander and Julius Caesar had the condition, it must be a sign of greatness in Zhenjin, too. After Marco and company left, Zhenjin died, so his son succeeded Kublai on his death.

But, I digress...
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