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Originally Posted by krustykrab View Post
I rent so I am pretty limited to what I can do. I wish I could have some land of my own. I have a 2x4 raised bed, a 4x4 raised bed with about another 5x5 of tilled earth. All my tomatoes and strawberries are in big pots in the driveway. I make do with the space I have, but the watermelons and cucumbers might get interesting. Gsniper, I think when I retire I would like to start my own farm, organic veggies "farm to table" is on the rise down here in Socal so who knows what will happen in the next decade.
Cattle panels or chicken wire makes great trellis' for cucumbers and peas; I use bamboo pole 'teepees' to grow pole beans.

You can use the '5 gallon bucket pyramid' to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, or any thing else; stack the buckets so that the rims of the second and third levels are resting securely on the buckets below; drill holes in the SIDES of the buckets about 1/2 inch above the bottom so that excess water drains into lower buckets, then out the bottom at the side instead being trapped under the lowest buckets.

see attachment
Attachment 23806

you can stabilize them by sinking a 2 x 4 into the ground behind each end, create 'cross bars' then putting a screw from inside the bucket into the cross bars to hold it all together.
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