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Yup, I unfortunately recognize that fact... having been the Ops guy for the PMO, DoD Biometrics for five years.

One of these jobs would literally be plug & play for me. But, we've cast our lot and moved out. *sigh* *written from the friggin' jail where I work *

LOL, I knew Archie when he was a SFC, we were at Camp McCain, Mississippi, testing the new "Battle Star" which was 7th's first version of a TACLAN in the JOC, around '97 or '98. COL Phillips was still there. Believe it was a part of the Relampago Rojo series of exercises. Anyway, Archie and I were marveling at how the ONLY thing in that part of Lower Slobovia was the WalMart, and we both wound up doing biometrics.

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