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Originally Posted by KidA View Post
But can they? I can’t help but think that some anonymous IT guy in the cloud is not going to have the same level of concern about gov data as me, a sworn govt employee, or my contractor staff.

I mean if I go to cloud and MS or Amazon fucks up my data what’s going to happen? Me rebuild my server farm and infrastructure? No.

I’ll take their sorry in the ass because at that point I have no further options.

Does that mean the dot gov doesn’t fuck up? No. Sure it does. But I can have contractors fired right there or provide incentive for them to be fired.

I’m not a convert... yet. I don’t like the anonymity of cloud services. I like looking people in the eye and knowing whose responsible, not being managed by some account manager.
See my reply to Sharky.

But this goes to my point about the IT workforce. While your current set of contractors are close at hand, they are not as skilled as the anonymous IT guy in the cloud and (probably) cost you twice as much.

It's really an economic argument and your post is a reflection of discussions that are going on at the top levels of DoD. There are folks who would prefer to keep DoD data within DoD (physically) and there are folks who would prefer to hand IT operations over to industry and just let them do their job. I've seen these two factions grappling with one another as we worked through the hosting strategies for the new EHR. Both sides have a good argument but at the end of the day, lifecycle costs for DoD based systems are tremendous and growing, and both sides understand that those costs are going to have to come down, somehow.

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