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Evidently it was a fag bar. Someone insulted someone else's choice of purse or something and shit got far too real too fast. Guess the purse choice was influenced by the need to stash those 33rd glock mags and not high fashion. Fortunately for all the sailors on liberty from Great Mistakes, there's plenty more for them to get fleeced at. S/F...Ken M
"If you remember nothing else about what I’m about to consider here, remember this: the one and only reason politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen want to take your weapons away from you is so that they can do things to you that they couldn’t do if you still had your weapons."— L. Neil Smith

“The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”
- Robert E. Lee
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