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I agree on the compass, but a map of local AO (topo or otherwise) may not be readily available and GPS requires a power source. I have a Silva Ranger in my bag(s), and a generic, but accurate, button compass in my Altoids tin.

Great tip on the Steri-strips Diver, Thanks! It looks like CrazyGlue or the like will get added to my bag(s) also. I keep the flashlights small, but powerful as well. The StreamLight Nano is a good choice as well as Photon Micro Lights. You can get both for under $10 each.

Another thing to keep in mind, and a great mantra to follow; Two is one and one is none. Make sure you have some kind of back up for each of the essentials outlined above (fire, knife, meds, H2O prep, etc.)...another reason to keep things light.

I do keep two Ramen bags and two bags of "boil in pouch" rice as part of my bag's food stores in addition to 3 protein bars and a Mountain House meal. Gotta rotate the grub every six months and change the clothes for the season.
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