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Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
The ROK ranger badge is pretty cool, especially if you have ever seen it on a US uniform (I have personally only seen two, on crusty old-timer SF guys in Yongsan in 1985). It's a sideways dagger with a wreath and a star at the tip of the blade and is worn over the right breast pocket of class A's like foreign jump wings. At first glance, it looks like a distorted "second award" CIB with the wreath and star.....

Anyone else seen one of these? Better yet, anyone got a scan? It's been sixteen years and I'd like to see if my memory serves me well.....
I have both the BDU Badge Class A Badge, And the Certificate Of Completion being in the very 1st Class of American Troops to complete the course in '81, And one of the "Crusty Old Timer Guys" you're referring to😂😉 How can I get it to you? ✌
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