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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
Not really, I think many here reading this probably had the same thought in the back of their minds.

The whole situation is pretty messed up on many levels.
To educate my SOCNET buddies, allow me, if I may.

I was one of the original Vetting Team of many years ago. I vetted so many distressed pleas from girlfriends and wives that I could tell the lies and bullshit upfront the male companion was trying to sell the female. To the degree there were even those posers whom came in pairs, with one telling the service lies and a second at another email address backing up the original lies.

In my own current hometown some geek passed himself off to his wife as a SEAL. I went at him via phone. His reason for being "unknown, unseen" was that he was "Black Ops" and he had been in BUDS Class 2. Which meant this geek should of been my age. No one is as old as me. Ultimately this fuckstick had his phone removed to get away from me.

In comparison my own wife knew little about my Military/Government history. I wanted it that way. Home was home and career was career. They did not have to mix for me to be pleased with my role in life. There was a point in my marriage when my wife pushed an issue. From this issue I realized my wife thought I was a clerk working for the boss (me). I let it go. She was a good wife.

I no longer vet service. Do not contact me. I cannot type. I do not know how to use a computer. I lie a lot.
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