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Originally Posted by 8654maine View Post

Regardless of whether he is a poser or not, whatever happened to "for better or worse"?

What are you really trying to do?
Ok, I get this and I expected this a bit too. I'm aware that I'm being sneaky by investigating this and hiding it from him. It came up because someone contacted me and said he was reporting my husband for stolen valor. I don't know who this other person is, what his motivations are, or if he's full of it too. I have not responded to this other person and initially viewed him as just someone who didn't like my husband trying to cause issues. However, in the back of my mind, the doubts I'd had about my husband came back and I started looking into stolen valor. I did not realize the severity of it, that people had gone to jail over it, and that what I had thought of as harmless exaggeration could carry quite severe consequences. The more I looked into it myself, the more I realized he could quite well be defrauding the VA, which I'd (perhaps foolishly) thought was impossible. I have no military background, and I am out of my league. I did as much research on my own as I could, then came here and laid it all out. I wanted people to tell me I was wrong, to say how dare I question someone who had done so much good for our country. However, as I'm hearing, it sounds like he has deceived me and is stealing the benefits and respect that actual veterans deserve. I'm sure he did serve at some level, and I wish he had just left it at that. He would still have been a hero to me. But now that I've uncovered this, I'm angry that he lied and I'm overwhelmed by what to do. I didn't just come here on a whim one day to badmouth him. I've never posted any identifying info about him, as if my suspicions were wrong I didn't want anything on the internet that would slander his name. But now I'm in the position that I do love this man but my conscience tells me I can't just look the other way anymore. That's why I want to be absolutely certain before I do anything. Trust me, I want to be wrong. I want you to laugh me out of the room for doubting him. This is far from easy to hear. It also leaves me in the spot of now I have to do something. I can't just take his claims with a grain of salt anymore. My motivation in being here is something I've avoided confronting for years- whether there was a chance he was telling the truth. I thank you all for your insight, even it is doubtful or negative.
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