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Originally Posted by Shark0311 View Post
I just thought of an interesting scenario. Let's say that George Soros decides to invest in small regional WISPs / ISPs and as a term of service decides to filter and block access to information with opposing view points on his network. Without NN this is perfectly legal.

A church could run fiber and sell internet access and do the same. So could the flat earthers, green peace or anyone with enough funding and desire to sell a point of view.
Good post.

Bottom line- ISP's are there to sell you layer 1-3 connectivity. Physical connections to their network, and routing at the border gateway layer.

The entire design of the internet is that each layer doesn't give a damn what is in the layer above/below it as long as the data follows protocols.

Applications like Skype, Facebook, Google, etc etc operate at the application layer, level 7. The ISP's can use their monopoly on layers 1-3 to create artificial scarcity on level 7.

There in no technical justification for them to filter on the type of level 7 traffic that is being passed(outside of QoS)- unless they want the ability to say "Hey thats a nice application you wrote- it would be a shame if something were to happen to it".

Like Netflix- people are using their fairly purchased bandwidth to watch shows there instead of on the providers overpriced TV services. Providers don't like that- so they want to be able to look at the application layer and fuck with the normal supply and demand.
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