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Originally Posted by gavin View Post
I just retired.

I was unable to enroll in TRICARE Online, because the multi-million dollar website isn't functional, and all of the support phone numbers go into a loop and eventually cut the call off. I have wasted a significant amount of time trying to use the website, or dealing with the dysfunctional online tech support, which will not allow me to speak to an actual living organism.

Taxpayers are spending millions of dollar for this system that doesn't work.

I ended up having to enroll using a paper form, and snail mail.
In 2002 when I came back from the commercial world to a government contract job with military healthcare (.com bubble burst/etc) Tricare Online was the next big thing that was going to revolutionize DoD healthcare.

Being retired military I figured I'd give it a spin. Now, I worked in the .com world for 5 years as a consultant so this wasn't my first time around a website. After spending 15 minutes on the site and still not having reached the point where I actually had an account set up, I gave up. I said then that TOL is a waste of time. Looks like it hasn't changed much in 16 years.

It's unfortunate that so many things the government does are so burdened with regulation that they become unusable.
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